A Note from the Author1

This work contains an accumulation of all the known writings of Kumen Jones as well as letters, photos, videos and other documents that pertain to his life.  The effort to electronically capture this information in HTML format was performed by Calvin Kline McDonald.  I am one of Kumen's many Great-Grandsons.  My motivations are several.

  1. To make his writings more accessible to his posterity.
  2. To make his writings electronically searchable.
  3. To preserve his writings and other information for future generations.
  4. To promote personal Family History among his posterity.
  5. To make the copy and distribution of this material both easy and inexpensive.
  6. To put this information in a format where it can be easily corrected, enhanced and augmented as time and new material allow.
  7. To prevent any further deterioration of the photographs that we have.

This effort began in the Spring of 2002 and is an ongoing project.  The effort began out of personal interest and was self-assigned.  Each release of the Work is version-numbered beginning with Version 1.0.

I have gathered the information on this work from a variety of sources.  Honestly, and regrettably, the source of some of this information is not well understood or verified.  Several of Grandpa Kumen's descendants have spent many hours over the years gathering, typing, copying and compiling Grandpa's writings long before I arrived on the scene.  Most of what I have gathered here was already captured in some electronic form or other by someone else.  The evidence is plentiful that many long hours had been dedicated to this effort in the past by dedicated descendants.  I'd like to pay tribute to these people without mentioning names for the fear of overlooking someone.  You know who you are and thanks for the preliminary efforts that made this work possible.

If you have any suggestions, comments or know of information that is available that is not already included in this work, please feel free to contact me at:

Calvin K. McDonald
ckm@ ckmcdonald.com
8819 Reflection Lane
Middleton, Idaho  83644

Enjoy the writings of a Great Man!  

Let us all strive to be just half the man Grandpa Kumen is!

Calvin K. McDonald
Friday, Dec 26, 2018

1 The title "author" refers to the authoring of the format and compilation of the information on this CD/Website and makes no reference to the actual content.  With no known exceptions, all text herein claimed written by Kumen was written by Kumen Jones and I have not altered it in any way from the form in which I received it.